Ornament Tableware Collection Gold

Royalty Settings


The Ornament Collection Gold Tableware is a MUST HAVE for a dazzling dinner party! Relax and Enjoy your dinner guests with these FABULOUS  decorative gold design round disposable plates! The Ornament Collection is so chic and elegant that no one will believe you when you tell them they're plastic plates and not real china! These are the absolute perfect addition to your table for any wedding party, anniversary party, bridal shower, or even just a dinner party! These high quality disposable party goods are an incredible way to dazzle your dinner guests. The Ornament Collection Gold Tableware will add so much glitz and glam to your table! These elegant plastic plates have an intricate gold decorative rim around the border. This beautiful style is the best way to accessorize your table without having the messy clean up afterwards (best part about using disposable party goods!) These heavy duty round plastic plates are so incredible that if you really want to, you can wash them and re-use them again for another dinner party!!! How amazing is that! So jump on these incredible prices from Royalty Settings and WOW your dinner party guests with the Ornament Collection Gold.

These high quality round disposable plates/bowls are great for weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, and dinner parties!

Package comes in a pack of 10 Plates

Case has 12 Packages (120 Plates) 

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